Dahn Yoga class schedule

September schedule 2014

Mornings: Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 7:45-8:45 a.m.

Afternoons: Tuesday and Thursday from 4:15– 5:15 p.m.

Note: No Monday afternoon classes until October

Where: SunBird Golf Resort Navajo Room, third floor

There is no cost; donations are accepted

If you have questions call Paullene Caraher on her cell phone at 602-292-7858; or email at [email protected]

Yes, there is class on Labor Day, September 1.

The room is cool. Give yourself a break from the heat. Come and get energized.

This yoga exercise is easy. It’s so easy the cats in the Dominican Republic do this Sphinx Pose every day at the Punta Cana airport waiting for the planes to arrive. They have strong and limber backs.

If you are stronger you can stretch further and hold the stretch longer. If you are kind of stiff you can just stretch a little bit each day. Your body will be your guide. Some of the routines are done on the floor with the mats but you can do the exercises in a chair and still get a lot of benefit. Those who have balance and neurological issues will greatly benefit. I have incorporated some exercises from the Parkinson’s Wellness Center so the left brain keeps talking to the right brain.

New participants are welcome. When new people come more direction is given. It was so easy to follow along. Bring some type of mat. There are some yoga mats in the room. Wear loose comfortable clothing.