Dakotas Round Up Party March 7

Steve Perkins

This year’s Dakotas Party is March 7 at the San Tan Ballroom in Cottonwood Country Club. If you have not registered yet, you need to act with “lightning speed.” The deadline for our final count is the morning of Feb. 29. If you missed the deadline, darn it, it is a great party with lots of cash prizes, plus it’s a 45-plus-year North Dakota/South Dakota, Sun Lakes-area tradition!

If you are in time, drop everything and call. You can get the registration form, complete it, and drop it off with your check. Advance-paid tickets only—absolutely no “at the door” sales. We hope you understand that we have to guarantee a number, and we cannot be changing numbers. Thank you!

Even if you cannot come or waited too long, email your contact information to [email protected] so you won’t miss next year’s party.

Also, in addition to our longtime sponsor Western State Bank (here in Chandler and back home in North Dakota), we have a new sponsor: Sanford Health Foundation. Sanford Health is based in the Dakotas and is the largest rural health care provider in the USA. All this means that we will have even more prizes in our drawing. You really don’t want to miss the party. Next year’s party will be even bigger and (hard to do) even better.

Remember, we need everyone to help get the word out. All one needs to do is to contact us at our email [email protected], and we will get them on our email list. If you aren’t on the list, well, golly, you just ain’t really from Dakota.

We will report on the party in the April Sun Lakes Splash so that those who miss the party will know just what a good party they missed.

The cost is $25 per person (doggone inflation) and includes the buffet dinner. The event with a cash bar will be from 4:30 to 7:30 p.m. on Thursday, March 7. Advance tickets only!

For more information, to get on our list, and/or to make reservations, contact [email protected]. (Remember, capitalization does not “count” in email addresses. We do it just to make it easy to see/remember.) Or call Marianne Perkins at 507-227-2099 or Steve Perkins at 507-920-3532.