Dr. Max Almodovar Has Graduated the MCSO Qualified Armed Academy

Dr. Max Almodovar graduates the QAP Academy.

Commander Craig Lloyd

Please join me in congratulating Dr. Max for completing the rigorous Qualified Armed Academy(QAP) and receiving his MCSO certification.

As a fully vetted law enforcement volunteer QAP Posse member, Max is qualified and trained to back up our deputies on all calls for service in our community.

Dr. Max Almodovar has been volunteering in the Sun Lakes Posse for the past three years and assisting in various community events serving the needs of the Sun Lakes residents, while undergoing a very thorough law enforcement vetting and training to wear the patch and badge of MCSO.

Max and his family moved to Arizona in 2005, after he completed a hospital surgical residency program in New York. He graduated from Temple University School of Dental Medicine.

Prior to his medical career and while pursuing his education, Max was a Tuolumne County Deputy Sheriff for six years in California, and a city police officer in Cheltenham, Penn., while in school.

Max enjoys giving back to the Sun Lakes community, and with his law enforcement experience of protecting and serving, he will supplement our night shift coverage in a fully marked sheriff’s patrol vehicle supporting the deputies in Sun Lakes.

Dr. Max Almodovar is a 5-foot, 8-inch, 215-pound, stocky, bald, friendly, personable, caring, and understanding individual who is looking forward to being part of this great Sun Lakes community.

As the Sun Lakes Sheriff’s Posse continues to serve our community’s needs, we are always looking for high-quality individuals like Max to join our ranks. Visit our website sunlakesPosse.org or stop by to pick up an application.