Energy, Functional Yoga Classes: The End of Classes

Paullene Caraher

There will be no more yoga classes from Paullene. Paullene Caraher is moving out of the area to Cottonwood, Ariz.

I want to thank all who joined my classes. I started in November of 2001, and have continued until this December of 2020. Since then, I have taken additional yoga training at Inner Vision Yoga studios. I’m certified in the 500 Course, Healing Emphasis Yoga, and the Whole Woman Practitioner Course.

I am grateful to all who came to my classes, and I deeply appreciate the cheerfulness, the feedback, and the donations. You were my “Guinea Pigs” during my training, and graciously let me practice my new skills. This class was geared to seniors, and many people from the Sun Lakes area were able to participate.

I am also grateful to the SunBird Golf Resort, where I live, for the ease in scheduling the classes and providing bins for the equipment. I have lived in this community for 26 years. It has been a joyous experience.

I’ll be leaving in January of 2021. Please keep in contact. I will be doing classes online via Zoom and Facebook. I am updating my email to [email protected] but will be still using [email protected] My phone will be the same: 602-292-7858.

Thank you.