Energy Yoga and Chair Yoga classes


Experience the benefits of Energy Yoga with Paullene at the SunBird Golf Resort, Navajo Room, third floor.

Regular Yoga:

Mornings: Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 7:40 to 8:50 a.m.

Afternoons: Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 4:00 to 5:10 p.m.

Note the slight time changes. The classes will be one hour and 10 minutes.

Chair Yoga: Come to the afternoon classes. I accommodate those who cannot get on the floor. Call so I know you are coming so I can set up the chairs. People asked for a separate class, but many could not come at the time of the class so you can easily do the afternoon classes.

Holiday Schedule: No classes on January 1

All classes are on a donation basis.

Energy Yoga includes tapping and slapping the body to increase movement of blood and energy thru the body. This slapping or tapping is an ancient Martial Arts method of getting the energy, QI, flowing through the body. We do this at the beginning or during some classes. It is a good practice for you to do at home to wake up your body and spirit. Research has shown that exercise reduces blood pressure and produces a positive attitude.

The other yogic exercises like Warrior 1 and Warrior 2 increase strength and flexibility. As we get older, we tend to lose bone and muscle mass. Consistent yoga practice increases both bone density and muscle mass.

One does not have to be super flexible, just enough to enjoy doing things like playing golf, tennis, tying your shoes and putting on socks without strain. The body mostly gets stiff because of non-use and poor posture in standing and sitting. Enjoy exercising your whole body by increasing strength and flexibility through joint rotations and stretching. The body is meant to move and not sit so much. The inner organs function much better when the whole body is moved.

Nidra Yoga is done on the second Tuesday for the classes. This is a relaxing and meditative practice to relieve stress. Either lie down on a mat or relax in a chair. Listen to Paullene’s voice as your body relaxes and your mind is guided into a restful state of consciousness and awareness. This gives the cells and chance to recuperate while you are quieting the mind.

Remember: New participants are welcome; easy to follow along and feel the camaraderie of a shared yoga energy. Bring a donation and a mat. There are some mats in the room.

How do I sign up? Call or text Paullene Caraher at 602-292-7858 or email [email protected] or call or text Peggy Mottel at 480-440-9653.