Essential Oils and Natural Wellness Club

Gail, Pat, Julie, Linda, Patti, Vicki, Karen, Pam, and Maureen

Gail Edom

Ready to learn healthier ways to care for yourself and your loved ones? I thought I was pretty healthy: I was fairly active, ate a clean diet, and incorporated as many natural products as I knew about. But after several tragedies in our family, my health started declining, and within six months, I was unable to drive. In the past four years, I have learned many things that I am grateful to share as I keep learning.

Be our guest and meet new friends at the Essential Oils and Natural Wellness Club! We have fun learning from each other and sharing our solutions to support health, mood, vitality, and safety for our families (including our pets!).

During our next few classes, we will be sharing our experience using natural ingredients and sampling some essential oils that have been shown to lift mood and calm the central nervous system. We meet every Monday from 10 to 10:45 a.m. in the Ladies Card Room at the Cottonwood clubhouse. Call or text 208-880-8829 or email [email protected] for specific dates, topics, and room number.