Fun Lakers Club welcomes all

Fun Lakers Club members at the Dolly Steamboat trip to Canyon Lake in Apache Junction on May 11
(left to right): Rick Commo, Dan Helgert, Joanie Leckey, Robert Stagger, Don Morgan, Donna Commo and Don Fayfar

Bob and Vickie Bybee

The Fun Lakers Club is all about creating new and lasting relationsHIPS with members and guests and, of course, having a good time at all the activities. If you have not joined or are not sure if it’s the thing for you to do and you are staying in Sun Lakes for the summer, this may be the perfect time of the year to give the Fun Lakers a try. The cost for joining is $12.00 per person. You can also purchase a season pass for the Sun Lakes Dance Party for $55.00 per person. This covers all six dances for the 2019-2020 season (this offer ends October 17), or you can pay at the door for $12.00 per person per dance. Our membership forms for both the Fun Lakers Club and Sun Lakes Dance Party are available on our website at Note: season pass to Sun Lakes Dance Party is not membership to the Fun Lakers Club.

In June, the Fun Lakers had a Pool Party at Oakwood Pool. In July, members and guests will be attending Chitty Chitty Bang Bang at the Hale Theatre in Gilbert, and in August, members and guests will be attending Game Night in the Ceramics Room. Details for each of these activities will be available on our website at, and event flyers and registration forms will be sent directly to all members via email as they become available.