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Angie and Bogie

Who is that holding Bogie? It is Angie Lunn, one of Rover’s special Ambassadors. Angie has a wide range of experience as a volunteer. Her husband was in the Army and they lived all over the world. Angie fell in love with volunteering when she was in Germany. She found herself doing many jobs for the Red Cross in the military community and eventually became president of the board and won the prestigious Clara Barton Award for her volunteer work.

When she moved back to the United States she began volunteering in her children’s classroom and also was a scout leader for her girls. Angie also began as a volunteer for The First Swim in California and began training and competing as a swimmer which resulted in volunteering to teach children to swim. Another move brought her more opportunity, coaching for the high school her children attended. It was an even a bigger challenge and a chance to see if she could teach what she knew. Even with all of this, Angie still had more of herself to give but just did not know where to go. Kids grown, now what.

One day she happened upon an adoption event Rover’s was participating in. Angie and her husband, Chip, fell in love with a playful Jack Russell named Lisa Marie. After adopting Lisa Marie and getting to know more about Rover’s, she knew she had found her everlasting love, Rover’s Rest Stop & Ranch.

“It is a place you can put your heart and soul into. I became an Ambassador at Rover’s because it supports animals that need a home, but I love Rover’s because of what is beneath the organization that is true to its motto, It’s all about the dogs. I chose Rover’s to put my time into because I am making a difference for a dog who lost his way. It is also what you can’t see. When I am working at Rover’s you can hear Mommy Dee, as we call her, talking to her ‘kids’. I hear her whisper to each dog a loving word. They really are so special to her.”

“I have never seen someone who works as hard for the welfare of the dog. She will always do what is best for the dog, even if that means a potential new home is not the right fit and will work until she finds the perfect home. Adoption to her is making sure her ‘kid’ has the best home.”

Thank you all for supporting the wonderful kids that come to and through Rover’s Rest Stop & Ranch! Watch us on Facebook or our Web page. Our next event is July 13 from 9:00 a.m. untill noon in the dance room at Cottonwood. Hope to see you there. If you would like to become an Ambassador, donate, adopt, or need petsitting call 480-600-2828. Hug those necks!