IMGA News and Events

Mike Willinger

In Memoriam: Our condolences to the families, friends, and fellow golfers of these members who have passed away: John Britz, Gordon Lynch, Dick Petragallo, Jim Poole, Richard “Reb” Rebillard, Max Spencer, Larry Weaver

Publicity, Mike Willinger

A special thanks to the Splash for the front-page coverage given IMGA veterans in the November issue.

Treasurer Dan Yonker

Dan stated we are in good shape with our equity position through 2021.

Greens and Grounds, Al McCormick

Al has agreed to be chairman. Thanks to Bill Ranney for his efforts supporting IMGA over the years.

Handicap, Dick Winkelman

Dick reported (as of Nov. 2) 104 renewals for 2022, 24 new members, and 15 handicap only. A committee may form to work with the AGA on their “soft cap/hard cap” rules.

Prize Committee, Rich Rathburn

Rich stated all is running smoothly with the weekly prize reporting.

Tournament Director Dan Smith

Dan reported that the cost for the Ryder Cup has been reduced to prize money only. He stated that the costs of food for events need to be reduced. He voiced a concern that members could no longer readily reserve the clubhouse for their events.

Rules Committee, Bruce McCorkle

Bruce McCorkle has agreed to chair this committee. Welcome back, Bruce.

Food and Beverage, Al McCormick

Al reported he expects to be getting a new menu soon for events but is concerned about pricing, given the recent experience with the Ryder Cup.

Internet, Wayne Karp

Wayne, thanks for the great job keeping the IMGA website updated in a timely manner. If anyone has suggestions/input, please let Wayne know.

Vice President Jerry Pederson

Jerry offered the Golf Advisory Group status may be changing with Blue Star. The IMGA Board recommendation is that the HOA consider a standing committee to provide input from the various golf groups.

President Bob Clark

The IMGA Member/Guest Tournament is on the schedule for Feb. 15, 2022, but awaiting input on food costs.

Officer elections for the IMGA Board will be held in December, prior to a regularly scheduled tournament.

Results (Oct. 12 through Nov. 9)

Oct. 12, 4-man Scramble: First place (AM): Peter Yoon, Joe D’Amore, Duane Coking, Jim Broich; (PM): Jack Lehmkuhl, Thomas Fleury, Richard Winkelman, Robert Deken

Oct. 19, Scramble 2BB Net: First place (AM): Bruce McCorkle, Rod Blane, Larry Gagnon; (PM): Jack Lehmkuhl, Joe Ferrazza, Roger Garcia, Pat McGowan

Oct. 26, 7 on 7 Scramble: First place (AM): Ken Gaylord, Bud Hewitt, Paul Calkins, Don Milberger; (PM): Mark Saylor, James Sinchok, Frank Wellwerts, Fred Wills

Nov. 2, Individual Stableford: First place – each flight (AM): Rich Pavlak, Bud Hewitt, Joe D’Amore, John Rolfe, Chris Kempley; First place – each flight (PM): Kirwan Flannery, Harry Johnson, Ross Serold, Michael Kozak

Nov. 9, Individual Low Net: First place – each flight (AM): Richard Popham, Robert Barnett, Rod Blane, Ron Fager, John Rolfe, Jim Johnson; First place – each flight (PM): Bill Beltz, Jim Todey, Gary Furlong, Richard Winkelman, Stanley Darling