IronOaks Breakers Pool League honors a member

David “the Godfather” Mork, Chairman of the Board, IronOaks Breakers Pool League

Members of the IronOaks Breakers Pool League contributed funds to pay for two plaques which were made by a professional trophy business, to honor a deceased member. At the request of his family and to remember his playmaking and his service to the league as a Charter Board Member and as a league Vice President and Treasurer, the family of league member Don Moelk provided one of his personal pool cues to be mounted permanently in the Billiard room. A personalized plaque showcasing his services to the league is below his pool cue. Because of his ability to make “bank” shots and as the initial league Treasurer and league Vice President, he was given the nickname of Don “the Banker” Moelk (by “the Godfather”) and he was true to his nickname, making many fantastic bank shots during our two annual tournaments, the league Championships and the Godfather’s Cup.

His cue was permanently placed on the wall and the plaque was dedicated. Attending the dedication event were Don’s widow, friends and members of the two pool clubs here in Sun Lakes: the Lucky Shot Pool Club from Cottonwood/Palo Verde; and The IronOaks Breakers Pool League in IronOaks. Don played pool in both leagues, and was a player in matches in the surrounding area leagues.

He was also the first to have his name on the league’s new “Ran the Table” plaque which was created to honor his memory. Any league member who runs the table by making all the correct billiard balls while the table is “open” and the 8-Ball and wins the 8-Ball match, is eligible to have his name on the plaque, given the other conditions below. If the member is playing a match in 9-Ball, the member must shoot all nine balls in succession (1-9), must win the match and the feat is attested to by the opponent; then that member can have their name on the plaque also. Additional conditions are that each 8-Ball or 9-Ball match must have been played in a league sanctioned match or tournament; played in the HOA No. 3 Pool Room; the match must be attested to by the opposing player; the player/opponent must provide the league’s Board of Directors the particulars of the win, timely. Then, and only then, is the member eligible to have their name on the remaining 23 name plates on the plaque.

Don “the Banker” Moelk, did just that, as he ran the table in an 8-Ball match against fellow member Bill “the Silk” Aune in a Season Four match played in June 2014. Don passed away a month later, in July 2014. He knew he was the first member to have his name on the wall plaque, but he was not aware that the plaque would be dedicated in his honor. He will be remembered! Come look and pay tribute to our past member!