It’s Like Music Camp

Linda Ryan

Recently, Chordaire Barb Hyder launched a summer education series called BarbED for members and those who are considering joining the show chorus. I am excited, because it will be like a free summer camp for senior women like me.

Everything I know about music I learned by the age of 15. That was long ago and far away. Barb Hyder is a former singer and director of the award-winning Sweet Adelines chorus. So, when she volunteered to teach, I was all in.

This year as a newbie, I was able to sing in two shows. I could sing because I was given sheet music and recorded tracks by professionals singing my part. But what did the director mean when he said the lead’s starting note is a third above the blown pitch? Also, I didn’t understand some of the notations in the sheet music. What the heck is a tag?

After this summer is over, I expect to understand all the directions given in rehearsal.

There are five sessions in the course. All are recorded for those who either cannot attend or want to review later. They will cover the basics about barbershop singing and how to read music. Also, and most fun, we will learn and practice singing several music tags.

This is an ideal way to test the water about joining Chordaires.

The five BarbED sessions are:

* The Barbershop Cone, Singing Parts and Reading the Treble Clef

* Interval Singing and Reading the Bass Clef

* Singing on Pitch and Note Lengths

* Resonance and Key Signatures

* Breathing, Rests, and Time Signatures

If you think you may be interested, contact me at [email protected]