Sun Lakes Lady Putters Finish Season

Finalists in the “Best Hat” Contest held during the spring lunch are (left to right) Monica Lovrein, Dianne Burns, Judy Brotherson, Pat Prekel, Betsy Wedeward, Diane Leo, Jody Heiman, Chris Knutson, Joyce Lund (winner), and Judy Vuich.

Susan Gottschalk

We have completed our putting season and are looking forward to our summer break. Many have already returned home and to cooler weather, others will be on vacation enjoying cool weather, and the rest of us will be home enjoying air conditioning and swimming pools. Watch for Putter news in the September Splash for information regarding the start of a new season, and visit us at our table during the Community Open Houses in early October to learn more about Lady Putters!

Monday Flight:

April 11: Lori Becker, Sharon Darnell, Jan Cartier, Jody Heiman

April 18: (tie) Shirley Hutchings, Sherill Brouhard, Mary Jo Wheeler; Phyllis Schager, Kathi Bobek, Camille Jasien

April 25: Shauna Bragg, Jody Heiman, Sharon Darnell, Kathi Bobek


1st Jan Cartier; 2nd Lori Becke, Phyllis Schager, Camille Jasien; 4th Jody Heiman, Colleen Foley

Tuesday Flight:

April 12: Pat Prekel, Kathy Anecito, Betsy Wedeward, Monica Lovrien

April 19: Carol Hegyes, Ronny Lacy, Kathy Anecito, Lucille Rahilly

April 26: Rony Lacey, April Garrard, Dianne Burns


2nd Kathy Anecito, Pat Prekel; 3rd Elsie Kruger, Ronny Lacy, Alice Willittes; 4th Cheryl Freeman; 6th Monica Lovrien; 7th Betsy Wedeward

Tuesday Oakwood Flight:

April 12: Marge Duggan, Ann Newton, Leona Skeate, Marybeth Smith

April 19: (three-way tie) (1) Jan Abbey, Carol Leavitt, Joyce Lund; (2) Shari Hurst, Jean Larson, Susanne Rotsch; (3) Robin Robertson, Leona Skeate

April 26: (tie) Jan Abbey, Robin Robertson, Marybeth Smith; Shanyn Engler, Linda Kenney, Madeline Mazzei


3rd Chris Knudson; 4th Marjean Scheele; 7th Leona Skeate, Jan Abbey; 8th Carol Crane; 11th Jean Larson, Susanne Rotsch; 12th Linda Kenney; 13th Shirley Werab; 14th Marybeth Smith, Vicki Mendenhall; 16th Madeline Mazzei, Ann Newton, Marybeth Smith; 17th Joyce Lund; 18th Shari Hurst; 24th Marge Duggan; 31st Carol Leavitt

Wednesday Flight:

April 13: Judy Hester, Jan Stuckey, Cindi Fernandez

April 20: Lizz Bradley, Judy Hester, Gloria Brockman

April 27: Carole Stone, Lizz Bradlely, Sylvia Lee, Nancy Chadderdon


2nd Lori Dykstra, Carol Wenger; 3rd Bobbie Wall; 4th Jan Stuckey; 5th Nancy Chadderdon