Jacquie’s Corner: Beautiful Day Here in Arizona

Jacqueline M. Ruffino

As I looked out the window from our lovely home, I saw a few folks riding their bikes, two- or three-wheelers, or walking along with their loved ones or some good friends. I rode a bike when I was a child and loved it. However, for many years, I have not sat on a leather cushion that felt so comfortable and with my bottom high above the pavement. Since living here in Arizona, walking and riding bicycles are very popular. From February through the summer months, you will see many folks outside loving the climate.

Because I have not climbed up on a piece of metal with rubber tires for an exceptionally long time, I thought I should check in with an orthopedic doctor to assure myself that I was ready to mount. I am a little fidgety knowing it has been quite a long time. When I was leaving the doctor’s office, I asked if he would give me a prescription to ride my own bike. Just joking. The doctor thought it was funny and gave me a prescription. He said, “Give this to your husband when you get home.” Still laughing about this Rx. Well, John felt a little uncertain that a doctor would prescribe a bike for me. However, knowing my husband, he always saw to it that I was happy. So, off we went to buy a bike. I was so excited and thankful about having a bike of my own. Light green in color with a straw basket. When we arrived home, I was anxious to hop up on the green Italian bikalini. I walked the bike out of our garage and forgot to tell my husband I did not know how to ride a bike. Oops.

Well, he told me to get on the bike and try. So, I did, and guess what. I do not know how to ride a bike. I cried like a little girl, and we returned the bike to the store. Then, thinking I was over my desire to ride a two-wheeler, I found a woman who was selling her three-wheeler. Hey, I bet I could ride this cute transportation vehicle that will take me everywhere. I think I can do this. Guess what. No, I cannot ride this either. Oh well, I tried. So, I am back to watching everyone ride by with tears in my eyes. Kidding. Walking or riding in John’s golf cart is just wonderful, and I love it.