Jim Nielsen Awarded Life Membership

President Greg Posniack presents Jim Nielsen a Life Membership in SLCT.

Fellow actors, Sun Lakes Community Theatre (SLCT) directors, co-committee members, and SLCT members all paid tribute to longtime member Jim Nielsen for his years of dedication to the organization. Many may recognize Jim from any of the 19 productions in which he’s acted, but they may not be aware that Jim has quietly and efficiently been the talent and force behind the SLCT website, the online and in-person ticket sales, the public information line, the membership directory, all the mass emails that go out to the over 1,500 past and present guests to our performances, and more.

“It takes a village to replace (well, you can’t replace) Jim,” said Publicity Director Kate Turner at the recent tribute. She conducted a trivia game asking attendees questions about Jim and his extraordinary accomplishments as a SLCT volunteer. Jim’s praises were then sung by Sandy Pallett, Sandy Bocynesky, Phyllis Novy, Michael Carter, Roger Edmonds, Joyce Recupido, and, finally, Greg Posniack, who presented Jim with the lifetime membership certificate. Jim and his wife Nancy will be moving to Sunshine Village by the end of April and will be sorely missed by friends and co-members. The end-of-the-season general meeting at Palo Verde was the perfect time and venue to honor this multi-talented and committed volunteer. We know we aren’t saying goodbye for good, though, as Jim says he will forever be a fan and attendee at future shows and events.