Joyful Downsizing

Moving Is Stressful

Kim Kubsch

Five top reasons moving is stressful and tips to make a move as smooth as possible:

Fear of Change: Fear is a powerful emotion, and dealing with the fear of an impending move can create negativity and procrastination that only makes things worse.

Budgeting Concerns: Among the countless stressors that arise in a downsizing move, money is considered the biggest one of all. Whether or not you feel financially ready to move, many of the costs of moving are unavoidable. Senior moves, and downsizing in particular, cost more than the moves you may have made in the past when you had more space, more flexibility, and more energy! There are many, many variables that will affect the cost of your move, but it’s safe to say that it will likely be more expensive than you think.

Lack of Time: Second only to money, a lack of time is one of the biggest stressors during a move. Create a schedule and discuss the most effective sequence of events in a timeline. Discuss your timeline with any vendor or person(s) you involve in your move at least two months in advance of your desired move date.

In addition to balancing the buying and selling a home, you may find yourself scrambling to sort and pack—a process that can often take months. Since this is hard to rush, ensure you’ve given yourself enough time to sort through belongings, pare down, and discard, donate, or sell anything you no longer want or need. Do not move it to storage—out of sight, out of mind.

Not Enough Help: Whether you have friends and family willing to lend a hand or you plan to hire a team of professionals, you’ll need help! Studies have shown that nearly 50% of people who recently moved themselves would never DIY a move again. In contrast, nearly 95% of people who hired movers and/or downsizers for their last move say it was worth every penny.

Beyond your moving crew, consider hiring a move manager to handle things if you’re feeling overwhelmed with the whole process, as they can handle arrangements for you, including hiring other professionals to get the job done.

Fear of Displacement: People tend to become attached to their homes and communities, so it is no wonder fear of displacement is another huge stressor during a move. The reality is that you aren’t abandoning your relationships for new ones, but simply extending your network of loved ones to include people in your new community.

Dealing with the Stress of a Move: When you’re busy sorting, planning, and packing while also trying to keep up with the normal activities of life, you may not notice the symptoms of stress right away. Keep an eye out for these common signs you may be suffering from moving stress:

* Inability to relax

* Avoiding people or social situations

* Feeling overwhelmed and negative

* Feeling depressed, anxious, and unproductive

* Disorganization and forgetfulness

* Physical symptoms, including chest pain, headache, insomnia, and body aches

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