Korean War Veterans

Chapter Commander Leon “Skip” Johnson

Due to the continued impact that the coronavirus has had on us all, most clubs are not running at 100 percent in most parts of the country. Here in Arizona, the Korean War Veterans are also caught in that situation where meetings have been canceled and outside activities limited to ensure the safety of its membership and also the many people they do get involved with on an annual basis. In times of emergencies, the club’s doors are never closed, and if for some reason you may need assistance, please feel free to contact the chapter commander at the telephone number provided below, and I’m sure he’ll do everything he can to provide whatever support he can. The Korean War Veterans are also listed under “Service Organizations” in the latest Sun Lakes Source Book put out by Robson Publishing.

The Korean War Veterans is an organization made up of veterans of the Korean War and others who have an interest in helping the cause of the many who are in need of help for their friends or family members. During normal times, the Korean Veterans would be meeting monthly at the SunBird Community Center. Due to the problems associated with the coronavirus, future meetings are in a holding pattern, and the local membership will be kept abreast of any changes once they become available. To be a member of this organization, being a Korean War veteran is not a requirement, and members of all branches of the service are welcome.

During these strange times, several of the club members have been meeting for lunch on Tuesday afternoons locally. All are welcome, but if you are planning on attending, we suggest you call Leon for additional details and planning. Lunches are held in a secure area of one of the local restaurants, and the management has gone out of its way to make it as comfortable as possible, which is well appreciated by those who attend on a regular basis.

If you have any questions on any of the above, please feel free to give Chapter Commander Leon a call, and I’m sure he’ll be able to help you in most cases. Leon “Skip” Johnson can be reached at 970-481-3005 and would be happy to talk to you. Have a great day—keep the faith.

Although progress has been going slow pertaining to the current virus on hand, there appears to be some positive steps starting to appear and, hopefully, will continue a little more rapidly in that direction in the not-too-distant future.