Making music/making memories for Parkinson’s and memory loss in the Southeast Valley

Wayne Mangold

Director Sun Joo Lee gets started with an active song choice for her participants. The program was initiated by the Sun Lakes Creative Engagement Partners for people with age related difficulties such as memory loss or Parkinson’s Disease and their partners. It was designed by ASU School of Music Therapy and is promoted by Banner Alzheimer’s Institute and Muhammad Ali Parkinson’s Center.

For those with Parkinson’s – The session provides an opportunity to come together to sing, play rhythms and move to music. Music therapy is effective to help improve motor functions and cognitive ability such as (1) voice/speech deficit; (2) motor/gait control; (3) limited range of motion; (4) depression; and (5) anxiety to enhance the quality of life.

For those with memory loss – The session is especially helpful with people who are experiencing age-related difficulties, particularly cognitive, social and physical issues. Music therapy interventions are designed to (1) promote wellness, (2) manage stress, (3) alleviate pain, (4) express feelings, (5) enhance memory, (6) improve communication and (7) promote physical rehabilitation.

By focusing on the partnership between the person and their caregiver, an enjoyable forum to share experiences is created. It provides opportunities for respite and intimacy between family and friends in a stimulating, music centered environment.

The sessions will be held on Thursdays at 1:00 p.m. in the Sun Lakes Methodist Church Choir Room, 9248 East Riggs Rd. Sun Joo Lee MM, MT-BC brings her talents to the Southeast Valley. She directs two Tremble Clefs Choirs for Parkinson’s in the Phoenix area and directs programs for age related difficulties throughout the Phoenix area. For additional details call 480-274-3206 or just show up. All are welcome.

The Sun Lakes Creative Engagement Partners is comprised of Neighbors Who Care, The Perfect Place, Oakwood Creative Care, Tessa Windt (teaching artist) and Wayne Mangold (caregiver) to work together and create programs for those with age related difficulties. It is also supported by the Cottonwood Palo Verde Foundation. Additional programs will be forthcoming.