Mark Your Calendars for SLCT’s Mystery Dinner Theatre

Director Sandy Pallett gathered her cast and crew for the show’s run-through.

The Malted Falcon is missing, and Private Eye Sam Club (being played by Jim Janowski) is on the case! Who could have stolen the prized piece of chocolate sculpture? Could it be Robin Hawkins (Mark Wenz), the nephew of Gertrude Hawkins, the lady who created the sculpture and then died mysteriously? Or perhaps it’s Rachael Raven (Cindi Decker), the famous TV chef and cookbook author who has been collaborating with Robin and is looking for a way to finance her upcoming book. Or maybe it’s Casey Stourbridge (Lew Crawford), the penniless heir to a railroad tycoon family who has recently been fired from his train engineering job and might be plotting revenge. What about the strange falconer, Harvey Featherby (Roger Edmonds), who walks around with a stuffed turkey buzzard on his arm? Surely it couldn’t be Abigail Nightingale (Phyllis Novy), the representative from Feathered Friends Freedom Foundation? No, why she’s an angel. The case must be solved, and Sam Club is just the detective to do it—with the assistance of his ditzy and addiction-ridden sidekick Velma Vavoomski (Mary Vandergriff). Confused? No worries, Miss Marples (Roxanne Banta), a famous mystery novelist and amateur sleuth, will keep you up to date on all the nefarious activities of this cast of characters in the spring Sun Lakes Community Theatre production of Sam Club, Private Eye, in the Case of the Malted Falcon, directed by Sandy Pallett. Rounding out the cast are Mario Carranza as the museum security guard and Greg Posniack as the master of ceremonies, and joining the show to entertain guests will be Patricia Wolfe and Jess Alberts.

The dinner show will run at Oakwood Country Club’s ballroom from Wednesday, March 15, through Sunday, March 19. Tickets are $50 (includes dinner) and will be available beginning Feb. 15 for this not-to-be-missed, audience-participation event. For more information, go to or call 480-382-6290 and leave a message.