Meet Mel Moss

Mel Moss

We want you to meet one of our Sun Lakes Chorale singers. Mel Moss is a member of the Sun Lakes Chorale, and we are honored to introduce him as the member with the most longevity in this group. Here is just part of his story.

Mel was originally from Rochester, Pa., and later his family settled in Ohio. As a young boy, he regularly attended Hebrew school and for a time considered studying to become a rabbi, but changed his mind. In junior high school, he expressed an interest in the choir but was discouraged by the football coach who thought Mel was better suited for sports. However, Mel said that was a mistake. After high school, Mel attended Ohio State University and there studied to become an optometrist. He and his late wife Jacquey eventually settled in Arizona, where he maintained a practice and lived. In 1995 he and his wife moved to Sun Lakes. After resettling in Sun Lakes, Mel continued to commute to his office in Phoenix until his retirement.

Mel and Jacquey raised two children and were blessed with two grandchildren. Family is a priority with Mel. He and his children keep a tradition of an annual vacation in beautiful Sedona, and he celebrates the traditional Jewish holidays. The desire to sing with a choral group stayed with him, and he sang with the City of Phoenix Choral Group. In the Fall of 1996, he joined the Southwest Singers, now the Sun Lakes Chorale. Besides sharing his musical talents with the Chorale, he has also served on the Chorale board as its secretary and vice president.

Mel stays busy not only with the Chorale, but is also a member of the Hebrew Choir in Sun Lakes and works as a volunteer with Neighbors Who Care, and has been a volunteer “Navigator” at Sky Harbor Airport.

When asked what he finds the most gratifying about being part of the Chorale, his response was that he really enjoys the singing and the camaraderie of his fellow Chorale singers. His voice is most appreciated. But his fellow Chorale singers are more enamored of his friendliness and quick wit, which is often on display and invariably provides us all with a good, much-needed laugh.

We wish Mel continued good health and happiness and sincerely hope he’ll continue with the Chorale for a good while longer.