Matthew’s Crossing Food Bank Thanks Residents

Ellen Engel

Matthew’s Crossing was formed and became a 501(c)(3) community-based, non-profit organization serving the working poor in 2005. From its humble beginnings of serving 800 people in its first year, Matthew’s Crossing Food Bank currently serves over 124,000 people in need each year with the help and dedication of over 70 regular volunteers and 150 seasonal volunteers working to fulfill its mission.

The country is facing troubling times and we, as well as other countries, are facing rising inflation. Gas prices are higher. All of us have experienced grocery pricing at an all-time high. Matthew’s Crossing has doubled the number of families it supports with food. Many of the people coming to Matthew’s Crossing say they never dreamed they would need the resources of a food bank to feed their family. All of us have experienced these price hikes. However, if we all donate food or money to our local food banks, we will be able to keep people fed until there is peace again. In many ways, America is the land of plenty. But the hunger is real. When Matthew’s Crossing saw that our seniors were not coming to the food bank during the pandemic, we began a new program that delivered food to them. They could be our neighbors.

The year-end totals for 2022 for each of our major organizational donors were as follows: Sun Lakes Duplicate Bridge Club, 221.5 pounds of food and $2,169; Unity of Sun Lakes, 458 pounds of food and $2,722; Democratic Club of Sun Lakes, 251 pounds of food and $300; and Sun Lakes Country Club (box is behind desk) 502 pounds of food. Final totals for 2022 collected by the Reach Out Sun Lakes group are 1,512.5 pounds of food and $5,191. Thanks, Sun Lakes!

Membership in local clubs and congregations is not a criterion for contributing. In fact, many individual donors show up at the club-sponsored pickup point at Sun Lakes Country Club from all over Sun Lakes.

For those who cannot make it to the formal pickup locations at specific times, a collection point is also open during normal business hours at the Sun Lakes Country Club.

The food bank itself, located at 1368 Arizona Avenue in Chandler, also needs volunteers on a regular basis. If this opportunity interests you, please call their volunteer coordinator at 480-857-2296.

For further information, to arrange for organizational support for this very worthwhile program, or to volunteer your own personal services, please contact Ellen Engel at 480-980-6841 or email her at [email protected].