Men’s Niners November Results

Jim Wegman, Publicity

Well, despite the difficult year, the restrictions, and the turmoil, we have reached the start of the holidays. So, from our Niners Board and committee chairmen to all the members and their families, we wish you all peace, light, and joy for Christmas and Hannukah, and a healthy, happy, and prosperous 2021.

If you have not turned in your application and 2021 dues by this time, do it today.

We have new Niners to welcome: Bill Flinn, a returning Niner, sponsored by Jim Wegman, and Robert Green. Welcome to the league, guys.

Winners: 11/05/2020 Shramble Lakes. 1st Erich Tiepel, Peter Gerdik, Renny Vowell; 2nd (tie) Jim Johnson, Jim LaBarge, Jim Wegman, Bill Lacey and Tom Bleier, Dennis Martin, John Schuler; 4th (3-way tie) Bob Pender, James Coughlin, Greg Gustafson; Paul Bopko, John Rolfe, Jim Broich; and Lloyd Schaeffer, Paul Feeney, Bob Deken, Gaylord Lind

11/12/20 Scramble Sononan. 1st (4-way tie) Jerry Richards, Lou Blas, Bill Whitely, Larry Munson; Jonathan Russel, David Mork, Bill Flinn, Lee Boudreaux; Jim Johnson, Charlie Hughes, Larry Johnson, Bill Slattery; Bob Hiller, John Ferrin, Carl Burnham, Jim Wegman; 5th (3-way tie) Frank Pender, John Schuler, Jordy Primack, Roger Rusche; Bob Pender, Renny Vowell, Jim Theobald, Larry Swanson; Jim Janowski, Peter Gerdik, Mike Stewart, Lynn Thompson

11/19/20 Step Aside Scramble Lakes. 1st Bob Clark, Lynn Thompson, John Schuler, Bill Flinn; 2nd (tie) Jerry Vickery, David Mork, Charlie Hughes, Gaylord Lind and Lawrence Munson, Bill Whitely, Lou Blas; 4th (tie) Frank Pender, Mike Stewart, James Newman, Jim Broich; Terrill Simmons, John Britz, Paul Bopko, Carl Burnham; 6th (3-way tie) Jim LaBarge, Dennis Martin, John Ferrin, Jim Wegman; Bob Pender, Jim Janowski, Joe Lombardo, Greg Gustafson; and Larry Johnson, Jim Campbell, Dennis Clark, Greg Sutton

11/26/20 Individual Stableford Palms. We had a short field for play, as many members enjoyed their Thanksgiving with family and friends. Flight 1: 1st Ed Anderson, 2nd Jim LaBarge, 3rd Bob Pender; Flight 2: 1st Bill Flinn, 2nd Bill Lacey, 3rd Jordy Primack; Flight 3: 1st Renny Vowell, 2nd Carl Burnham, 3rd James Newman; Flight 4: 1st John Ferrin, 2nd John Britz, 3rd Jim Johnson

The Niners golf league is growing again, and we have a number of new members. If you are in a foursome and do not recognize one of the players, take a minute to introduce yourself, welcome that new member to the Niners, and introduce the other members of the group by name. If you have a name tag, please wear it, as this will make it easier to match a player with a name. We have always prided ourselves with being a friendly and welcoming group, so let’s keep up the tradition.

Gimmies: We are a league and pay chits to the winning golfer, so the rules are important. With respect to gimmies, please do not request or accept one. We play it to the bottom of the cup, despite the new conditions.