Men’s Niners Results

Jim Wegman, Publicity

Happy New Year to all our members. May 2023 bring us all good health, happiness, and lots of birdies and pars.

The new year also brings the league a new board: President Ed Anderson, VP Len Dolins, Secretary David Mork, and Treasurer Bob Deken. Let’s give the new board lots of support, and let’s give the outgoing board of President Lloyd Schaeffer, VP Bill Pender, and Secretary Bruce Henderson a big hand for the great work done over the last four years. Thanks, guys.

As the old year rings out, let’s remember old friends and league members who have left us.

Winners 12/1/22 Par 3-4-5 Palms. 1st Lee Boudreaux, Lou Blas, Dave Moncrieff, David Mork; 2nd Jerry Vickery, Larry Schuller, Bill McConnell; 3rd Jim LaBarge, Jim Janowski, Stan Posey, Bruce Vantine; 4th Mark Bernier, Dick Negaard, Bill Whitely, Jim Dawson; 5th Jim Campbell, John Schuler, Jim Wegman; KPs: #4 Lou Blas, Lee Boudreaux; #7 Jim Dawson, Jerry Vickery

12/8/22 Cha Cha Cha Sonoran. 1st (3-way tie) Tom Reale, Lou Blas, Jim DeVinck, Ray Greenbush/Jerry Richards, Stan Posey, Paul Wilde, Jim Theobald/Lee Boudreaux, Mike Michelson, Jim Wegman, Jim Daleo; 4th Bill Pender, Al Metz, David Mork, Ted Piotrowski; 5th (4-way tie) Jon Deiter, Dick Negaard, Carl Burnham Jr/Bill Flinn, Paul Feeney, Jim Newman, Bob Greene/Mark Bernier, Jerry Pederson, Jim Johnson, Larry Schuller/Tom Bleier, Don Fayfar, Jim Dawson; KPs: #3 Jim Daleo, Bob Gresen; #8 Jerry Pederson, Dick Negaard

12/15/22 Best Balls One Gross One Net. 1st Jim Campbell, Jerry Vickery, Jim Janowski, Jim Theobald; 2nd Al Metz, Tom Bleier, Bill McConnell, Tom Walker; 3rd Terry Simmons, Gaylord Lind, Jim Johnson, Ted Piotrowski; 4th (3-way tie) Bob Pender, Len Dolins, Wayne Aarestad/Tom Reale, Jim Wegman, Bill Whitely, Paul Wilde/Lou Blas, Paul Feeney, Peter Gerdik, Nunzio Cusumano; KPs: #2 Terry Simmons, Jim Theobald; #6 Jim DeVinck, Bob Pender

12/22/22 Skins Palms. Winners by Team: 1. Bill Pender, Jon Deiter, Lee Boudreaux; 2. Erich Tiepel, Mark Bernier; 3. Larry Munson, Don Fayfar, Bill Flinn; 4. Ron Rudzinski; 5. Jerry Vickery, Dick Negaard, Mike Partridge; 6. Jim Wegman, Rich Gihring, Bob Deken; 7. Jim Newman, Jim Janowski, Don Lewis; 8. Bill Whitely, Greg Wells, Larry Schuller; 9. Paul Wilde, Jim Johnson, Tom Walker; 10. Peter Gerdik; 11. Robert Greene, Nunzio Cusumano, Ray Greenbush; KPs: #4 Mike Partridge, #7 Bob Deken, Erich Tiepel

12/27/22 Fewest Putts Sonoran. Flight 1: 1st Don Fayfar, 2nd John Rolfe, 3rd Erich Tiepel, 4th Jerry Richards, 5th (tie) Jerry Pederson and Lloyd Schaeffer; Flight 2: 1st Jim Wegman, 2nd (4-way tie) Jack Baur, Lou Blas, Tom Bleier, Bill Flinn, Mike Partridge; Flight 3: 1st Jim Janowski, 2nd Jim Newman, 3rd Steve Moody, 4th David Mork, 5th Jack Cameron, 6th Bill Whitely; Flight 4: 1st Bob Greene, 2nd Jim Theobald, 3rd (tie) Jim Dawson and Greg Gustafson, 5th Dennis Clark, 6th Peter Gerdik; KPs: #3 Len Dolins, Mike Partridge #8 Lou Blas, Mike Partridge