Bruce McCorkle

The IMGA newsletter staff will take a break over the summer. You’ll next hear from us in October. We wish you the best in your summertime activities.

First Place Winners in Their Flight:

4/18 Individual Stableford: Tony Gonzales, Dave Anderson, Jim Gould, Eddie Cauffman, Don Crookston

4/18 Member/Guest: Ken Gaylord, Fred Smith, Rich Engler, Ted Osborne, Mike Buhrt, Sam Giordano

4/25 Team Cha Cha Cha: Tim Colley, Ted Osborne, Dean Skaret, John Willenbacher

5/02 Oakwood Shootout: Hack Hackler, Chance Smith, Pat Rather, Clay Zinke, Mike Hislop, Mike Hendricks, Bob Radisich, Howard Weiss

05/09 Individual Low Net: Mitch Filiere, Ken Gaylord, Dan Kiska, Gordon Burns, Roger Garcia, Bob Radisich

Coming Soon

11/7, 11/14, and 11/21: Club Championship

12/03 and 12/05: IronOaks Ryder Cup

12/12: Oakwood Shootout Finals

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