Oakwood Ladies Golf Association

Kathy Burns

Oakwood Ladies Golf continues to use tee times starting on #1 and #10 weekly.

On Jan. 12, the Play of the Day was Mutt and Jeff. Winners were Flight 1: Leanne Durham and Dang Teater tied for 1st, and Glo Malmberg was 3rd; Flight 2: 1st Connie Hughes, 2nd Barb Anderson and Julie Hastings, and Dolly Eide, Judy Kirschenbaum, and Debbie Horner tied for 3rd; Flight 3: 1st Doris Swanson, 2nd Linda Thrash, and tied for 3rd were Robin Thomas and Pat Schepp; Flight 4: 1st Jan Skibo, 2nd Dessa Hutchins, and tied for 3rd were Liz Pritchard and Joan Triplett.

Play of the Day on Jan. 19 was Sweet and Sour. Flight 1 winner was Sue Pederson, 2nd place Mary Figgis, and tied for 3rd were Mary Dyrseth, Leslie Smith, and Peggy Cooper. Flight 2 was won by Colleen Ritter, 2nd Julie Clausen, 3rd Julie Hastings. Flight 3 was won by Fran Morin, Nancy Cohn and Robin Thomas tied for 2nd, and Debra Dubie and Barbara Anderson tied for 3rd. Flight 4 was won by Linda Morris, 2nd Beth Ebmeier, 3rd Liz Pritchard. Flight 5 winners were Susan La Salvia and Dessa Hutchins tied for 1st, Eleanor McCann and Karen Beltz tied for 2nd.

Our Charity Event was held on Jan. 26, which was chaired by Sharon Skoworn. OLGA raised $4165 for St. Mary’s Food Bank. We also donated food for their pantry. The day of the tournament was cold and rainy. Twenty-two of the 44 scheduled golfers braved the harsh elements of the day to become winners of the charity event. Each player was awarded winnings for the day. Thanks to all who donated for this cause. Many meals will feed the hungry. The generosity of this group is wonderful!

Feb. 2 play of the day was “If Only.” Flight 1 winner was Barbara Arakelian, 2nd Mary Perry, 3rd Cindy Reinertsen. Flight 2 winner was Colleen Ritter, 2nd Joan Hammond, and a three-way tie for 3rd Peggy Cooper, BJ Schuller, and Julie Clausen. Flight 3 winner was Barbara Anderson, 2nd Kay Lehmkuhl and Nancy Cohn tied. Flight 4: 1st Judy Hanna, 2nd Linda Thrash, 3rd Holley Ritter and Linda Morris. Flight 5 winner was Pat Schepp, 2nd Beth Ebmeier, 3rd Pam Shumard and Susan La Salvia tied. Flight 6: 1st place Karen Fager, 2nd Vicki Carmichael, 3rd Mary Buhrt

Feb. 9 POD was O.N.E.S. and was also the first round of the club championship. Flight 1 winner was Glo Malmberg, 2nd Mary Figgis and Judy Darnell tied, 4th EJ Yoon. Flight 2: 1st Lynda Gibbs, 2nd Dang Teater and Colleen Ritter, 4th Sue Pederson; Flight 3: 1st Debra Dubie, tied for 2nd were Nancy Cohn and Judy Hanna, 4th Linda Thrash; Flight 4: 1st Gail Moen, 2nd Joan Lauer, 3rd Cindy Paskey, 4th Pat Schepp; Flight 5: 1st Dessa Hutchins, 2nd Jan Skibo, 3rd Karen Fager, and tied for 4th were Linda Anderson and Karen Beltz.

Results of our club championship will be in the April Splash.