Oakwood Lady Niners Golf League

Oakwood Lady Niners Christmas Luncheon with our lovely Norma in her Christmas sweater!

Reggie Wegmans

As you all know, we had a Lady Niner who needed medical assistance on a play day in December. If anyone on the golf course needs assistance, please do not hesitate to call for help. When dialing 911, you will be asked, “Police, Fire, or Medical?” Give the reason for calling, and then you will be forwarded to the correct unit. You will be asked a few questions. Be prepared to give precise, succinct answers. When asked the location, tell them which course you are on at which clubhouse: Oakwood, Ironwood, Cottonwood, etc., in Sun Lakes. Give your hole location: tee box of number 9 on the Palms golf course in Oakwood, green of hole 2 at Ironwood golf course. AFMA (Arizona Fire and Medical Association) has all courses mapped in their computer’s GPS system.

It would be helpful to give them a gate to use to enter, but it’s not necessary. There are access points on each course that will allow the medical teams to get to your location swiftly. It would also be helpful for a person to be at the access location to help direct them to the client/patient.

The fire department would rather have you call them for assistance than second guessing the injury. Sun Lakes has a very professional fire department. Please let them know how much we appreciate them.

There is a Member/Guest scheduled for Feb. 28. Bonnie Tasch is the “in-charge” person. Please volunteer to help make the event a great day. The sign-up sheets are on the board. It’s a great way to get involved and give back to our league. It takes a team to make a great event, and if you have never been involved in a member/guest, try it!

Here are a few more highlights of our league’s history:

In 1989 the Niners started using the GHIN system to compute handicaps.

In 1990 sign-up in the “Posting Shack,” also known as a trailer/golf clubhouse, to play. First Birdie pin awarded on back nine hole 11, now Lakes 2.

In 1991 Invitational was rained out. Robson provides bowls full of “Bloody Marys” in lieu of golf.

In 1992 the Niners were defined as “noted for friendliness of the members who always manage to have fun.”

In 1993 survival was difficult during a season of rain and wind. CADG tournament held at Oakwood.

In 1994 the Oakwood Pro Shop opens.

In 1995 Jo Saucerman Williams wins both the Developers Cup and the State Medallion.

For those of you who haven’t had the pleasure of meeting Jo Williams, she now lives in Idaho with her family, and she is 102 years old. What a gal, and what a golfer she was.

The OLNG board and committee members wish all Lady Niners a Happy, Healthy New Year with lots of golf and fun times.