Oakwood Lady Niners Golf League

Pictured (left to right) are Bonnie Tasch, Kathy Chebuhar, Chris Berny, and Sharon Gale.

Reggie Wegman

The weather will have changed by the time you read this article. Remember, just because it is not 110 degrees, we still need to hydrate. A good rule of thumb is to take a sip of your beverage each hole. The new Oakwood Lady Niners pamphlet is out, and you should have received it. If you haven’t gotten yours with your name on it, there is a box on the cabinet that has our mail drop boxes.

The scoring ladies have a hard time reading some handwriting. Please use your best penmanship and spelling, and after the game, calculate each scorecard separately. Then compare the outcomes. If the results are different, review hole-by-hole results. Many times, scores are in reverse order.

Have you ever wondered who keeps track of our dues, chit accounts, and budget? Well, it’s none other than Rachel Enloe. Rachel was born in Roswell, N.M. (no comment, please). Her parents brought her to Tempe when she was six months old, upon her doctor’s recommendation. I would consider Rachel a native Arizonan. Rachel attended Tempe High School and then ASU where she graduated with a degree in accounting.

Rachel worked for SRP where she met and then married Thad. They built a home on South Mountain, even though Thad thought Sun Lakes was the place to live. Rachel visited Sun Lakes and thought she was too far away from civilization.

Upon retirement in 2003, the Enloes decided on Oakwood and built a home. They were watching Sun Lakes grow and are happy they moved here and started their retirement life.

Rachel’s expertise is in the financial area, but her ability to make you feel comfortable is outstanding.

When you see Rachel, thank her for all she has done for our league these many years.