Oakwood Lady Niners Golf League

Reggie Wegman

March proved to be the windy month. We all had the gusts take our shots out of bounds, slide to the right or left, and slip off the greens. What excuse will we use in April?

Does everyone realize how much work goes into our weekly tournaments? When you join our club, the checks and applications are retrieved by Rachel Enloe. She is the gal who makes sure we are financially sound. She keeps the books and makes sure your winning chits are in your account. Rachel sends Bonnie Tasch a copy of the application, and Bonnie then checks to see if the new member is in the GHIN system. If the new member does not have an established handicap, Kathy Chebuhar, our president, enters six scores into the Golf system. If the new member has a handicap, Bonnie checks for their GHIN number and adds them to our roster. Then those who do the pairings, Barbara Stewart, Linda Liberti, Molly Bergesen, and Susan Meer, do their magic! This is what goes on every week from November to May. Judy Hedding, past president, assists the pairings committee with Golf Genius questions and problems.

Before the season even starts, Joyce Parker is busy putting a schedule of games together. Not an easy task since the 18-hole league plays on Tuesdays. Many adjustments and changes are made during the summer months before the semi-final schedule is posted.

When the game is done, the scorers do their work. Pam Matassarin has a great team. Colleen Duke, Joyce Parker, and Kathy Siegrist are the gals who try to figure out, “Is that a 5 or a 6?” There are discrepancies on cards, and sometimes the math is a little off. They send the results to those who document things and post it on our board. Then I know you all run up to the club to spend the $6 in chits.

All of these ladies do this out of love for our league and golf. They receive no compensation, no “atta girls,” no medals. So, next time you see one of our fantastic team members, give ‘em a high five and a great big thank you.

All of our committees need extra help, so if you would like to be part of the inner circle, just let our president know. By the way, we are still looking for a VP.

We hope you have all received your vaccinations. Remember, we still have to wear our masks and social distance while together. We are now able to have lunch on the patio, so please join us.

The winners for the past few weeks include: Judy Alldredge, Georgeann Bell, Molly Bergesen, Sue Boucher, Kathy Cebuhar, Julie Collier, Donna Cook, Sally Dixon, Colleen Duke, Rachel Enloe, Mary Evans, Karen Gonzalez, Barbara Johnson, Margaret Johns, Maureen Kroll, Linda Liberti, Cora Levensky, Nancy Lienenbrugger, Shirley Malick, Lynn Matassarin, Mary Medved, Susan Meer, Joyce Parker, Laurie Olsen, Tuny O’Rourke, RoseAnn Rinderknecht, Barbara Stewart, Kathy Siegrist, Helen Semple, Bonnie Tasch, and Erika Tiepel. Please check your chit accounts.