Oakwood Lady Niners Golf League Travel Updates

Reggie Wegman

The heat is on, as they say, but we hardy souls continue playing golf. We start early and play very loose. Gimmies are an absolute, and toss out of the sand traps is encouraged. It is still a good day, and we have a lot of laughs.

The Niners recently visited Lavender Farm in Pine, Ariz. The farm has 6,000 lavender plants. Some are used in cooking, some for soaps, creams, and candles, and some for decorations. After an enlightening tour of the old farmhouse and a delightful lunch, we made a stop at Tonto Natural Bridge, the largest travertine bridge in the world. All in all, it was a lovely day trip up the Bush and Beeline Highway through Payson to Pine. No muss, no fuss, no driving by us. We traveled with Free Spirit Travel Vacations and Tours.

Some of our gals are traveling to spots beyond the Arizona border. Becky and John Kolb are traveling up to the Seattle area to visit their six-year-old twin granddaughters and eight-year-old grandson. They will spend some time up in Victoria with a side trip to Butchart Gardens. That is a most wonderful place. They will see some Sun Lakers who summer up in Kelowna.

Julie and Ken are floating around in Galveston Bay just enjoying the wonderful blue water and seabirds.

Chloe Hankin sailed down the beautiful Danube on a river cruise, passing some of the most wonderful historic sites. She is then planning a six-week stay at Morro Bay, Calif. With wineries and fresh farm stands galore, she will never be bored. Sounds great!

Dottie and Gaylord are also on a river cruise. They started in Bucharest and traveled up to Amsterdam. They are having an absolutely fabulous time. Lots of history and lectures, great food, and lots of new friends.

The Gustafsons are visiting their newest grandchild in the D.C./Maryland area. There is a 23-year span between the oldest and youngest—hooray for you.

The Dukes are spending time in Southern Saskatchewan playing lots of golf and enjoying friends and family.

The Montana Debras are enjoying the cool weather with a little rain from time to time. They are planning a trip to Glacier National Park with a tour in the old red Jammer Buses driving the “Going to the Sun Highway” in the park. Sounds like a great plan!

Snowbird RoseAnn Rindernecht is back in Iowa where she golfs the Des Moines Country Club. She is hosting family reunions and a rehearsal dinner for her soon-to-be-married son. She wishes us all a happy, healthy summer.

Georgeann and Don Bell are back home in Minnesota where the temperatures are an unusual 90 degrees. They are spending time with family and friends. Many gals who were Niners live close to them, and they get together for an evening of good food and fun. They are playing lots of golf and enjoying the beautiful scenery.

If you read this, please send me a note about your summer travels. My email is ucreggie1963aol.com.

Safe travels, everyone, and stay hydrated.