Barbara Anderson, OLGA Cup winner

Barbara Anderson, OLGA Cup winner

Carol Smith

We have been having great fun playing golf. Thank goodness we still can. The OLGA Cup just ended. Congratulations to Barbara Anderson, our overall winner! She did a great job. The first flight winner was Mary Figgis, the second flight winner was Dang Teater, the third flight winner was Julie Hastings, and fourth flight winner was Joann Rebillard. Congratulations to all the winners.

Representing us in the State Medallion tournament will be EJ Yoon (gross) and Colleen Ritter (net). Great job on winning the State Medallion and good luck in the big tournament.

Other days play winners are Evens game Flight 1: 1st Mary Figgis, 2nd (tie) Mary Dyrseth, Leslie Smith, and Cindy Reinerstsen; Flight 2: 1st Julie Clausen, 2nd Shirley Weaver; Flight 3: 1st Kay Lehmkuhl, 2nd (tie) Julie Hastings and Barb Anderson; Flight 4: 1st (tie) Doris Swanson, Karen Fager, and Carol Smith; Flight 5: 1st Pam Powers, 2nd Joann Rebillard

In the Odds game Flight 1: 1st EJ Yoon, 2nd Karis Scott; Flight 2: 1st Julie Clausen, 2nd Dang Teater; Flight 3: 1st Shirley Weaver, 2nd Carole Schmidt; Fight 4: 1st Karen Fager, 2nd Gail Moen; Flight 5: 1st (tie) Joann Rebillare and Eleanor McCann. Good job, Ladies.

Coming up in January is our Charity Tournament on Jan. 26. The charity is St. Mary’s Food Bank. It is a worthy cause in these difficult times, so be sure to sign up and contribute a lot.

February is our Club Championship for three weeks starting on Feb. 9. This is a fun tournament, so be sure to get on the list. Each flight will have winners.

Have fun on the links. This will be my last article. It has been fun writing these.