OLGA weekly results

The Oakwood ladies have enjoyed playing under mostly beautiful skies with their golf buddies for the past few weeks. Of course, there have been some fierce winds but the ladies are up for any challenge! It seems we are glad the bunkers on the Lakes and Palms have been renovated, but not so much that we TRY to land there to test our new techniques.

3/08. If Only – Flight 1: 1st Cindy Reinertsen, 2nd Dari Akin 3rd Karen Jensen; Flight 2: 1st: Karis Scott, 2nd Karen Welker, 3rd Holley Ritter; Flight 3: 1st Carol Jomes, 2nd Connie harper, 3rd (tie) Julie Clausen and Mary Ann Kletzien; Flight 4: 1st Nancy Annen, 2nd (tie) Jan Skibo and Betty Schechter

3/22. Sweet and Sour – Flight 1: 1st Dari Akin, 2nd Judy Kirschenbaum, 3rd Roselyn Hoiby; Flight 2: 1st Barbara Collier, 2nd (tie) Dang Teator, Linda Smith, Holley Ritter and Eleanor Hinerichsen; Flight 3: 1st Judith Kuse, 2nd Carol Jones, 3rd (tie) Julie Clausen and Leslie Wadley

2/29. A big day of Beat the Pro – All of the following players beat Eddie Renio just this once! They will surely enroll in the LPGA qualifying school and tournaments next! Dari Akin, Nancy Annen, Anne Annis, Julie Clausen, Judy Darnell, Barbara Dinardo, Lois Foerster, Gretchen Heller, Dottie Holme, Carol Jones, Joan Lauer, Glo Malmberg, Pat Mattz, Pat Schepp, Jank Skibo, Sharon Skoworn, Karis Scott, Carol Smith, Karen Stock, Dang Teater and Robin Thomas.

4/05. Low Net Score – Simple, straightforward, numbers never lie: Flight 1: 1st Mary Figgis, 2nd: Glo Malmberg, 3rd (tie) Dari Akin and Cindy Reinertsen; Flight 2: 1st Karis Scott, 2nd Linda Meisinger, 3rd (tie) Judy Kirschenbaum, Dang Teater and Barbara Anderson; Flight 3: 1st Karen Welker, 2nd (tie) Holley Ritter and Linda Thrash; Flight 4: 1st (tie) Paula Dielmann and Fay McIntyre, 3rd Liz Prtichard; Flight 5: 1st Karen Fager, 2nd Karen Beltz, 3rd Nancy Annen