Palo Verde Men’s Golf Association

Jeff French

PVMGA had a full calendar of play in December, which was kicked off with the much-anticipated Christmas Dinner Dance on Saturday, Dec. 3. Members and guests enjoyed an evening of dinner, music, and dance. There was also a Home and Home event with the Sun Lakes Country Club.

December play results:

Dec. 3 play was a 2 Net Best Ball Select-A-Drive event.

1st: Mike Lorimor, Marty Goldman, James Granzow, Dick Thomas

2nd: Ron Kiel, Ron Cox, Al Baumgartner, Bob Torres

3rd: Chuck Guillaume, Mike Pasternak, Duane Enzminger, Joe Lombardo

Dec. 10 was 1 Gross + 1 Net

1st: Mitch Berger, Peter Gorman, Bud Murray, Marty Martin

2nd: (tie) Scott Price, Tom McLeod, Dennis Grendahl, Chuck Carothers/Ron Kiel, Mike Ruffert, Arve Moser, Basil Foster

Dec. 17 was a flighted 2-man Scramble

Flight 1: 1st Ron Kiel, Jeff French; 2nd Dick Howell, Danny Jetton; 3rd  Marko Sowa, John Kane

Flight 2: 1st Al Baumgartner, Duane Enzminger; 2nd Don Hicks, Barry Walcker; 3rd Glenn Martinsen, Duncan Allan

After Saturday play, a lunch and general membership meeting was held and included elections for the Executive Board. Nominees elected were Al Baumgartner, president; Fred Townsend, vice president; Chuck Carothers, treasurer; and Danny Jetton, secretary.

Dec. 24 was 2 Net Best Balls

1st: Christian Stokes, Mike Ruffert, Marty Goldman, Keith Wilson

2nd: (3-way tie) Terry Kohler, Don Peterson, Dennis Grendahl, Ken Nelson/John Kane, Steve Ryland, Barry Walcker, Scott Salmonson/Daryl Ramseyer, Bud Murray, Gerald Kirby, Brad Buell

Dec. 31 was a flighted Pick Your Partner 2-man Net Best Ball

Flight 1: 1st Christian Stokes and Brad Wilson; 2nd (tie) Mike Mlynarczyk and Ron Kiel/John Mitchell and Ron Cox

Flight 2: 1st Glen Harry and Barry Walcker; 2nd (tie) Gregg Lorimor and James Granzow/Marty Goldman and Jack Hall

Flight 3: 1st (tie) Roger Ivesdal and Don Reese/John Allen and Robert Butt

Jan. 5 and 7 was the Home and Home event with Sun Lakes Country Club. This is a two-day event with combined four-man teams from each club playing on Thursday at SLCC and Saturday at Palo Verde with 2 Net Best Ball games. Each day included Deuce pots and Circle Hole with payout for players hitting in the designated circle on the green.

1st: Mike Schneider, Fred Townsend, Chris Bell, Richard Koon

2nd: Peter Cobb, Dennis Barber, Dennis Kannberg, David Nelson

3rd: Ken Bunch, Donald Peterson, Lance Moyer, Al Baumgartner

Jan. 7 regular afternoon play was 3 Net Best Balls

1st: Marko Sowa, Mike Rufert, Bill Lewis, Scott Johnson

2nd: Pat Duncan, Jack Hall, Sid Cook, John Allen

3rd: Rich Sorenson, Peter Gorman, Dick Haynes, Joe Lombardo