People Ask, ‘Why Do You Fly Fish?’

George Abernathy

From Sun Lakes Fly Fishing Club’s (SLFFC) perspective, because there is nothing more tranquil, beautiful, and fulfilling than fly fishing on a boat on a beautiful lake or wading in a moving river or stream.

Just this fall three such trips were taken by SLFFC members in October. The following are member fishing reports from each:

Our annual San Juan River trip was very successful for two of our women members, Gloria Mack and Elaine Drackulich, with each landing over 30 fish one day and two others landing over 20 fish in one day. The winner of the largest trout fishing tournament was a tie between Gloria Mack and Rose Sumners. Both fishers landed trout that measured over 22 inches. Everyone had great fun and enjoyed the beautiful San Juan River with the great camaraderie of club members.

In the Flaming Gorge on the Green River, Phil Victors fished Sect A on the first day and Sect C the second day. The biggest fish landed was a 26-inch brown trout. Almost all netted fish were 18 to 20 inches.

Dan Rheinauer, Brad Smith, and Dan Honerkamp fished Woods Canyon Lake on the Rim. Fish were jumping all over but acting strange, as if they were shaking off parasites rather than feeding. They each caught a dozen or so mostly smaller, stocked rainbows. Dan Honerkamp managed to land a few trout over 15 inches and one nice bow that was over 19 inches.

In addition to keeping our lines wet, the Sun Lakes Fly Fishing Club supports Arizona Veterans Fly Fishing (, which is a not-for-profit organization that is designed to help facilitate the physical and emotional well-being of disabled veterans through fly fishing and related activities. For the past nine years, our club has sponsored numerous events and raised thousands of dollars for them. The SLFFC is always looking for financial donations for the veterans, including fly fishing gear that the Sun Lake residents would like to donate. If you have these types of items and would like to donate them, please contact George Abernathy at [email protected] or 480-521-1060. You can also learn more about our club by visiting or by contacting Randy Smith at [email protected].

The club’s philosophy is to bring people together who want to fly fish; no red tape, no politics, “catch and release,” just wet your lines and go hunting. Be an experienced caster or new to fly fishing, you’re welcome to our club.