PVLGA January Scramble and Luncheon Results

Winners of the Palo Verde Ladies Golf Association January Scramble: Dolores Allard, Jan Nelson, Wanda Wiggins, and Tracy Thornock

The Palo Verde Ladies Golf Association (PVLGA) enjoyed their January Scramble and Luncheon on Jan. 18. Our new president Cindy Ryan introduced all the new members and board members. The winners of the scramble were Dolores Allard, Jan Nelson, Wanda Wiggins, and Tracy Thornock.

We’ve managed to survive the chilling temperatures of January and look forward to the warmer days ahead. Our Presidents Cup was played on Feb. 15 and 22. In March we look forward to our Member-Guest Tournament on March 15 and the Club Championship March 22 and 29.

Jan. 11 Results: Blind Draw Partners

Flight 1: 1st Carol Guild and Julie Lutostanski, 2nd (tie) Billie Seiberling and Terry Tyler/Barb Almond and Becky Commisto; Flight 2: 1st Sandy Chavez and Jane Gallagher, 2nd Denise Orthen and Marilyn Lloyd, 3rd Diane Kruse and Linda Davis

Jan. 18 Results: Scramble/Luncheon

1st Jan Nelson, Tracy Thornock, Dolores Allard, and Wanda Wiggins; 2nd (tie) Dee Monsonis, Diane Tenney, Marcia Smith, and Bonnie Kane/Carole Guild, Zara Logan, Elaine Isaacson, and Linda Cassetti

Jan. 25 Results: Cottonverde Tournament

1st Diane Kruse, Carol Field, Tracy Thornock, and Sharon Eisenzimmer; 2nd Shirley Chalmers, Deb Munt, Nancy Gehlbach, and Sandy Chavez; 3rd Billie Seiberling, Andrea Steinhauesser, Gloria Combs, and Julie Lutostanski

Feb. 1 Results: Stabelford Net Points

Flight 1: 1st Billie Seiberling, 2nd Jan Nelson, 3rd Patty Assante; Flight 2: 1st Tammy Bailey and Dolores Allard, 3rd Rose Hames; Flight 3: 1st Sue Green, 2nd Marcia Smith and Bonnie Kane

Feb. 8 Results: Cha-Cha-Cha

1st Paddy Newton, Dolores Allard, Florence Wright, and Sue Green; 2nd Mary Nelson, Anita Barber, Phyllis Chase, and Martha Foster; 3rd Sherri Butler, Jan Stuckey, Julie Lutostanski, and Shirley Trusal