She’s all that! She’s Tamara Deems

Tamara Deems and Maddy Paschal

Tamara Deems and Maddy Paschal

Dr. Madelaine Paschal

I’ve worked with her for a long time, in “performer” years. She had been “on the stump” for years as a “rocker” girl and then a country singer in Nashville and, really, she was way better than I could ever hope to be. We were both “professional singers,” but she had experience and talent on her side. The first great thing I found out quickly about her was her willingness to help others, especially us… in “the business.” Sometimes, I would not believe I was doing this line of work, at least trying, but then she would assure me that “we” could make it work, be a team and that she always had my back… and she did!

When I first heard her “pipes,” I just sat back in my chair and listened. She was remarkable. She could sound throaty, rough, smooth and operatic, all in one song. I loved her facial expressions as she crooned. Always there was a gracious countenance, never cocky or “stink” faced. She was who she was and never made you believe anything else. Her heart was in every song, as was that crazy, special voice that captivates and cultivates your pure joy of music. I would call her a musician… and I would be spot on. There are lots of “singers,” but not a lot of musicians who can sing.

And you know what else? I found her personality went with her singing ability… clear, concise, profound. She never leaves you guessing about her views of this world or her place in it. And even if you’re not on her side about everything, you’re on her side about how people should treat each other, care for one another and listen to one another. I think I never knew anyone with whom I have agreed more on almost every point and enjoyed it more. Smart? Yes, she is. Oh, and one more thing. She is beautiful inside and out! Just saying.

She is the lovely, multi-talented vocalist/performer Tamara Deems, long-time Arizona resident who has finally seen the light of the “nouveau” musical scene in Chandler and will be “gigging” for us now!

Keep watching for her name, her kind of soul rock and some of the best accompanists in the city beside her. You will want more and more… and she will give it up… just for you. You won’t be the least bit disappointed. And if you see the group listed, “The Hot Flash Mamas” (and I’m not kidding), I’ll be singing (harmonizing) right beside her and loving every minute.

Check us out, or at most, Tamara! She’s all that! (And more… she’s also raising a very talented jazz musician… her young teen son Jesse.)