Chordaires welcome five new members and enjoy summer cards

The summer is flying by, and the Chordaires are having fun together, meeting for lunch and playing cards every other Thursday during this off season. After the very successful 2019 Spring Show, the Chordaires were approached by five women who had made the decision to join the chorus. They are already considered members and are participating fully with the group of women, getting to know their fellow singers and even starting to learn some music.

While the chorus doesn’t meet to sing during the summer months, the music committee and the board meet on a regular basis. The music committee has already chosen the music for their free Christmas Program on December 8 at 4:00 p.m. at SLCC. More information will be distributed closer to December regarding that program. They look forward to another “packed house” this year.

Plus, Save the Date! The music committee has also been busy choosing music for next year’s spring show. The show will be called “A Trip Down the Red Carpet” and will include songs that were either Emmy, Oscar, Grammy or Tony winners over the last 40 years, as 2020 is the 40th anniversary of the Chordaires Show Chorus of Sun Lakes. Next year’s show is bound to be an extravaganza, with glitz, glamour and award-winning music sung in the Chordaires Barbershop Style.