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SL Chandler Animal Clinic—February Is Pet Dental Health Month

Brushing Up on the Importance of Pet Dental Care

By the time your pet is three, he or she will have some symptoms of periodontal (dental) disease. It’s not just about bad breath: Left untreated, it can result in gum inflammation, tooth loss, and pain. Eventually, bacteria can make its way to your pet’s internal organs, causing serious illness. Since your pet experiences much of life through its mouth, dental problems can really diminish his or her quality of life.

While February gives us the opportunity to shine a light on pet dental care, we prioritize it year-round at Sun Lakes Chandler Animal Clinic by providing comprehensive services including:

* Exams

* Anesthetic cleanings

* Dental x-rays

* Extractions

* Oral surgery

We recommend professional cleaning and polishing every 6 to 12 months. That said, we know that sometimes costs can get in the way of care. To make it as affordable as possible to get your pets the dental services they need, we offer $50 off your pet’s dental cleaning if you schedule it within 30 days of your doctor’s recommendation or within 14 months of their last dental cleaning.

Our vets and techs will also be happy to show you how to get started brushing your pet’s teeth at home, which can minimize plaque and tartar buildup and usually results in fewer needed cleanings.

Schedule your pet’s dental exam and cleaning today—call 480-895-7633.