Sun Lakes Lady Niners news

Sheila Barton

Golf is a game of luck. The more you practice, the luckier you get.

Good luck is what most of the Sun Lakes Lady Niners feel they have, because they can show up for a round of golf every Tuesday morning and enjoy old friends and meet new ones. Yes, the score matters, but less than the feeling of accomplishment when you finish a round and haven’t lost even one ball, or find your ball on the green when you didn’t think you got there, or when the ball lands on the green after hitting a rock in the water (I have actually had this happen). Good luck, indeed!

League play for the Sun Lakes Lady Niners was over in April, and a lot of our winter visitors have already gone to their home states and we will miss them. Our Welcome Back Brunch will be held on October 26, and our first day of league play will be November 5 at 9:00 a.m. Our results for April are shown below.

Our game for April 2 was low putts, and the winners were Irene Anderson in Flight 1 with 14 putts, Jackie Aagaard in Flight 2 with 16 putts and Jean Olson in Flight 3 with 17 putts. On April 9 we played Cha Cha Cha, and the winners were Dottie Wodraska, Verla Matuschka and Joann Brown with a score of 53. Second place was won by Liz Tollefsen, Donna Sullivan and Patrice Cox with a score of 55. The third-place winners were Irene Anderson, Laurel Cathey and Ruth Gregg with a score of 61, and the fourth-place winners were Myrna Grave and Beverly Jur with a score of 63.

On April 16 we played for low gross with Irene Anderson winning in Flight 1 with a 44, Dottie Wodraska winning in Flight 2 with a 50 and Ruth Gregg winning in Flight 3 with a 49. Our game for April 23 was 321 Waltz, and the winning team was Dottie Wodraska, Jean Olson and Sonja White with a score of 57. Second place went to Verla Matuschka, Patrice Cox and Mary Bohren with a score of 65. Third-place winners were Irene Anderson, Roz Pederson, Ruth Gregg and Myrna Grave with a score of 68 and the fourth-place winners were Beverly Jur, Laurel Cathey and Sharon Fratiello with a score of 72.

On April 30 we played for low putts, and the winner in Flight 1 was Dottie Wodraska with 13 putts, in Flight 2 Verla Matuschka with 17 putts and in Flight 3 Ruth Gregg with 16 putts.

The Sun Lakes Lady Niners gladly welcome all new members. For membership information, please contact President Celeste Dorsey 907-242-7890, [email protected], or you can pick up a membership form from the Pro Shop. Come and hit a ball with us in the fall.