Take a bite out of the Apple: resolve to check out the new  SL Apple Computer Club

Sue Schwartz

Started by a few members in 2017, our club centers around sharing computer knowledge with others in Sun Lakes. The Sun Lakes Apple Computer Club provides an opportunity for members to appreciate and have fun with today’s technology and devices. You do not need to be proficient with technology to join us. We are dedicated to providing answers and training in plain layman terms.

We are a community of Apple product users and enthusiasts. The Sun Lakes Apple Computer Club shares common interests, including a desire to learn more about personal computing and to help others along the way.

Our organizers and members are users and technology lovers. We’re here to help you learn more, to answer questions and to understand and educate.

Our recent meeting shared the results of our survey on various aspects of club life. This input becomes the foundation for our club as we venture into strategic planning for innovative programs.

Gary and Sue took the results of the 2017 survey and showcased Apple’s Keynote program’s powerful tools to communicate the survey’s results. Bill took us on a trip down memory lane reminding us of how we’ve advanced from mainframes and punch cards to iPhones. Mike helped us avoid senior moments by sharing tips and tricks with the Reminders app that comes on all Apple computers, phones and tablets. He also shared several Healthcare apps that handle ICE (in case of emergency) notifications.

Our February field trip will involve a visit to an Apple Store for a limited number of existing members and will feature a class on the Apple I D and iCloud.

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The March meeting will be held in the Phoenix Room in Cottonwood on March 12, 2018, at 1:30 p.m. The topic will be “Can Your iPhone Come Out to Play?”

If you plan to attend the March meeting, please email Gary Bross at [email protected] to assure we have the room arranged properly.