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Firefighter celebrates 20th anniversary

Sun Lakes Fire District Chief Troy Maloney (left) congratulates firefighter Kirk McEnaney on his 20th anniversary with SLFD. McEnaney who started with Sun Lakes in 1996 has been an EMT (emergency medical technician) for 23 years and a paramedic for 16 years. He also has been a firefighter for nine years and an engineer for 11 years and holds degrees in Fire Science and Business Management and is a nationally certified public manager. Among his other academic achievements, he is a graduate of the Arizona Governmental training service Supervisors Academy and has attended many firematic symposiums here in Arizona as well as multiple courses at the National Fire Academy in Maryland. Certified by the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) he has instructed Sun Lakes as well as other Arizona departments in numerous fire suppression and emergency medical service classes. McEnaney has assisted in the planning and purchasing of fire apparatus, ambulances and community assistance vehicles since 1999 as well as assisting the district mechanic with repairs and preventive maintenance and was the Exchange Club of Phoenix’s firefighter of the year in 2008 (photo and caption by Brian Curry).

Matt Chavez celebrates anniversary

Sun Lakes Fire District Chief Troy Maloney (Left) congratulates Firefighter/Paramedic Matthew Chavez on his 15th anniversary with the District. Chavez, who started his firematic career with the Black Canyon City Fire Department, has a degree in fire science from Mesa Community college. He has served the SLFD in various capacities including acting Captain and acting Engineer. Firefighter Chavez has also been involved in the district’s community outreach and worked with its Community Assistance Program (photo and caption by Brian Curry).

SLFD firefighter Brandon Johnson tests the new nozzle.

At the Tempe Fire Department fireground training facility, Sun Lakes Fire District Battalion Chief Rob Helie explains the features and advantages of new hose nozzles that the SLFD has put into service on their fire engines thanks to a generous donation from the Sun Lakes Women’s Association. The nozzles replace ones that were over 10 years old. The new nozzles can flow water at over 200 gallons per minute onto a fire and have much more manageability due to various technology advances and its “pistol grip” feature. SLFD Chief of Department Troy Maloney thanked the Women’s Association for their “…incredible support and generosity throughout the years in support of their fire district” (photo and caption by Brian Curry).

Safeway grant assists SLFD and Art at the Lakes

Safeway Supermarket Manager Matt Clarke presents a check for $1,500 to Sun Lakes Fire Department Captain Mike Molite who is the treasurer for the SLERF (Sun Lakes emergency relief fund) run by their union. The grant basically underwrote SLFD’s food expenditures for their cooking at the annual Art at the Lakes this year allowing the firefighters to retain that amount in their fund to help people in need. Capt. Molite thanked Safeway for their generosity and community involvement. Pictured left to right are firefighter Ray Franco, Capt. Mike Molite, Safeway Manager Matt Clarke and firefighter Andrew Beadle (photo and caption by Brian Curry).