The Remodeling Corner

Janet Cook

Father’s Day is coming up, and what is a typical gift: a tie, wallet, golf accessories? How about honoring dads with one of these home remodeling ideas that he can experience and enjoy for years to come?

Personalized Man Cave: What would recharge his batteries? A space to watch sports or play games with friends? Include a wet bar and an under-counter refrigerator. A trophy museum from glory days or hunting or whatever he likes to collect? A space conducive for his hobby? Maybe he wants a library/sitting room or prayer room that provides comfort for peace and quiet.

Garage Domain: Lighting is key to eliminate shadows. Upper and lower stainless-steel storage cabinets with a counter space (leave leg room to be able to sit at the counter), and utility-size cabinets facilitate an organized space one will want to spend time in. For those odd-sized items and tools, include a wall storage system. To cool it off in the summer, did you know that Rheem makes a hybrid electric tank water heater that puts out cool air? It can provide “free” air conditioning to a garage while it heats your home’s water! A garage exhaust shutter fan can bring in the nighttime cooler air, and a ceiling fan is out of the way and helps one to feel 10 degrees cooler. An insulated garage door provides a smooth wall finish that doesn’t gather dust and grime. Epoxy flooring is a nice finishing touch as well.

Outdoor Kitchen: Should it be connected to the house, or a part of a pavilion? Trick it out with all the appliances he would want to use. What does he like to cook? There are lots of types of grill choices, side burners, griddle, pizza oven. A sink is a must for quick rinsing, or to fill with ice and beverages to grab for parties, and an under-counter refrigerator to keep chilled items nearby. Plan storage for an ice chest/cooler, serving trays, trash and recycling bin. Also necessary is shade, lighting, and ventilation. Would he want an outdoor TV?

Home Office: It is nice to separate this space from home living, to facilitate work tasks, and then leave it behind for family life. Plan for needed storage, function, and simplicity. Think video conferencing; is the space behind the camera serene with nice wall space and art rather than a background looking cluttered?

Personal Gym: Would you want to convert a rarely-used guest bedroom into a place to work out? Putting in a murphy bed can free up a lot of floor space for exercising. What would he use? a treadmill? bike? a functional gym set? Facilitating fitness is good for health!

Happy Home Remodeling! And Happy Father’s Day!

Janet Cook, certified aging in place specialist, president of Cook Remodeling (celebrating their 41st year), invites you to check out their website for more ideas and photos.