The Remodeling Corner

Janet Cook

October is National Kitchen and Bath Month! No other rooms get such national attention, for how well the kitchen and bathroom are designed will affect our experience and value of the home. The knowledge of an experienced remodeling designer can help create a timeless custom kitchen and a spa-like bathroom.

What are the top creature comfort elements to include when remodeling your kitchen and bathroom? These can help take the kitchen and bath from being average and ordinary to a higher level for years of added enjoyment.

Top Five Elements for a Luxurious Bathroom

1. No threshold walk-in shower. Safety is important in a bathroom and wet surfaces are slippery! Not having to see a curb to step over and having to maintain balance in the process is peace of mind.

2. Groutless shower walls with attractive grab bars. Everyone enjoys low maintenance care and, again, avoiding falls in the bathroom is so important, there are no soft places to land there!

3. Vanity up off the floor. Not only does it make access easier by not having to bend down as far, it makes the room seem larger by seeing more floor.

4. Under floor radiant heating. You can set it on a timer to have a warm floor welcome for first thing in the morning.

5. Elements of nature. This will never go out of style. Some popular options are engineered stone that looks like marble, a river rock floor inlay and/or a stone accent wall.

Top Five Elements for an up-to-date Kitchen

1. Wall oven and raised dishwasher. It is gentler on the back to load and unload those appliances when they are higher off the ground.

2. Walk in pantry. It easier to store bulk items and keep adequately stocked when you can quickly see what needs to be replenished. It also helps to be inspired as to what to make for dinner when you see your options!

3. Kitchen island. A kitchen island offers more storage and personal variability; do you need a second prep sink? A breakfast bar? A place to serve buffet style?

4. Granite or engineered stone countertops and under cabinet lighting. Ample lighting is so important both for the preparation and the enjoyment.

5. A kitchen wall that opens up to outdoor room. People want to blur the lines and bring the outdoors in. We have such wonderful weather for a good part of the year to enjoy!

Happy kitchen and bathroom remodeling!

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