The Remodeling Corner

Janet Cook

The current trend in residential remodeling design is to create a more healthy, happy home environment. With people spending more time at home, their needs go beyond an open concept, to having a great experience throughout the day. If a home isn’t quite working or if it’s not how you like it to be, it is an energy drain and a stress. Homeowners want their house to evoke the feeling of:

Safety—Making a home safe goes beyond the practicality of having a no threshold walk-in shower and grab bars, but the essence of: Does my home have designated spaces to work/study/read, eat, and play? A room may need to serve different purposes throughout the day. To see a desk with waiting work may conjure anxiety. Plan for such task zones to be visually sequestered. Having adequate storage has always been important to homeowners and is now more so with the popularity of buying in bulk. Having two master suites is trending; great for guests and should a spouse get sick to have their own bathroom.

Comfort—Have a goal that every room is comfortable and inviting. Make your master bathroom soothing, luxurious, and relaxing, as well as energizing with good lighting to help start your day. The laundry room is often neglected in design. Make it whimsical, of a style you look forward to stepping into. Often, an open concept floorplan omits a space to be in the quiet—be sure to include it. Rather than neglect unused rooms, repurpose them to facilitate interests. It is often assumed a light and bright rooms, such as a white kitchen, will elevate mood, but not for all. An introvert may feel exposed and anxious and prefer earth tones. A kitchen that facilitates how you want to cook and entertain can encourage sharing home cooking.

Nurturing—Health is of great value, and taking good care of it is a gift to your future self. Did you know indoor air is more polluted than outdoor air? A fresh air exchange is important, as is specifying no VOC paint and finishes. Organize a space that will encourage exercise, but not in your bedroom! Connect with the outdoors with strategic views to the outside. Create an outdoor living and dining space to take advantage of our weather. Bring the outdoors in with an indoor vertical garden that will provide fresh oxygen, food (including flowers), and the sound of falling water.

Houzz did a survey that found having a well-designed, updated, remodeled home brought joy to the homeowners. Think about what is not working in your home, what you do not like, and make a plan to transform where you live to your needs and lifestyle, and experience more joy!

Happy home remodeling! Have a Happy Hanukkah! A Merry Christmas!

Janet Cook, Certified Aging in Place Specialist, President of Cook Remodeling (celebrating their 41st year), invites you to check out their website for more ideas and photos.