The Senior Games at Sun Lakes—Get Up, Get Active, Have Fun

Neil Donohoe

Neil Donohoe

Wanted: Club members and community players to join the games team and help carve the way to make the Sun Lakes Senior Games a success. We need your input to establish game selections, rules, and locations. The focus is to create a friendly competition among peer age groups within the Sun Lakes and surrounding communities: Sun Lakes Country Club, IronOaks, Cottonwood Palo Verde, and SunBird. Residents will face off in their communities for a week of competitions, and the top seeds will send their teams for the following week to compete with the other communities.

The games are not just physically intensive sports like tennis, pickleball, golf, and swimming, but also include low- or no-impact games like billiards, bocce ball, card games, cornhole, dancing, etc., with the goal of bringing back a trophy to their HOA.

The Sun Lakes Senior Games not only will create camaraderie, it can provide the path for participants to compete at the state and national levels, as we plan to eventually partner with the National Senior Olympics Organization.

To make this happen, we need club leaders and individual players from each of the communities to become part of the team to help us set rules and guidelines as directors on the board, team event managers, and support volunteers. As you can see, this is a big project that will hopefully grow into an every-other-year event.

If you are interested in creating a long-lasting event, contact us at [email protected] for more information.

If you like the idea of the games but are not interested in becoming part of a team, you can still help us by letting your friends, club members, and neighbors know about this project.

Being a full-time resident is preferred but is not an absolute requirement. Thank you for your consideration. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.