Three groups mean three times the fun

Off the Cuff, Off the Cuff, Jr. and the ImproVables get to know each other at a meet and play evening. Players shown are Sandy Ilsen, J.C. Graffius, Zach Furman, Hayden Keegan, Jim Nielsen, Trevor Schofield and Phyllis Novy.

Ever since Whose Line is it, Anyway? America has learned what improv is. It can be funny or poignant, a solo act or a team sport. But on Friday, April 8, something unprecedented happened; a multi-generational improv show.

The ImproVables, Sun Lakes’ own improv troupe, and Off the Cuff, a Chandler Gilbert Community College troupe, have had a mutual admiration society for several years. They go to each other’s shows, cheer madly for each other and proclaim that they are each other’s groupies. That’s how the idea for a combined performance began, kind of a, “Wouldn’t it be fun if…” kind of moment.

But wait! Shalynn Reynolds, the founder and leader of Off the Cuff suggested the groups go one step further. Their newest project, Off the Cuff, Jr., consists of 12 to 16-year-olds who love the art. So they all met, they all played well together, and the idea was formed: all three troupes would perform together.

The venue would be a small one, Chandler Gilbert Pac 150, a site that seats about 100 people. Advertising would be minimal; again, the venue only seats about 100.

But it would be fun, unscripted, and an adventure, all things the three troupes are crazy about.

“The three troupes are very good together,” said Phyllis Novy, one of the founders of The ImproVables. “The older players benefit from the youthful energy of the younger players and they benefit from the maturity of the older players. It’s a win-win-win.”

And who knows? This could be the start of something big!