Three Weeks a lie memoir by John Gaudioso

Our mom was taken from our apartment; force marched through our hallway by “Men in White.” My brothers Al, Bob and I were sitting against our living room wall… facing our hallway. We had ringside seats.

Loud voices mixed together, erupted. Mom’s voice was the loudest. “Who are you?” “Why are you here?” “Don’t touch me.” “Domenic, what’s going on?” “Don’t let them take me.” “Let me see my babies.” Mom was crying, cursing at the “Men in White”… and, at Dad.

Al has vague memories of that day. Bob, being so young, has none. Unfortunately, I recall that day, vividly. Mom’s removal from our apartment remains with me to this day.

Mom was committed to Brooklyn State Hospital’s Mental Facility. She endured 11 years of treatments, isolation and loneliness. We were next! Dad transferred us to a “Special School.” Actually, an orphanage. We remained there for nine years. A total of 11-plus years passed before we were reunited with Mom. We were no longer children. Mom wasn’t Mommy. The four of us were scarred.

Thanks, Dad

Based on true events as recalled by John Gaudioso