What Can You Do and Still Social Distance? You Can Fish!

Sue Green and Gregg Lorimor fishing

Sue Green and Gregg Lorimor fishing

Karen Jankovitch

This summer, Sue Green and Gregg Lorimor caught their limit of bass at Lake Oahe in Pierre, S.D. Sue caught her limit and had to throw three back. You won’t catch these fish at Sun Lakes, but you can catch fish and enjoy being outside. Sun Lakes Country Club greenbelt and golf course lakes are stocked with fish.

Get your permit, bring your homeowners card, and get your fishing pole into the water. Members of Sun Lakes Country Club (SLCC, SLHOA1) and Cottonwood/Palo Verde (SLHOA2) may fish in each other’s lakes within the rules established by the respective associations.

All Sun Lakes residents from SLHOA1 and SLHOA2 19 years or older are required to have a permit to fish the SLCC lakes. Permit holders may fish with children under the age of 16.

All Sun Lakes Anglers Club current members are eligible for fishing permits. Oakwood and Ironwood residents are not allowed to fish Sun Lakes Country Club lakes unless they are a member of the Anglers Club.

Fishing permits can be obtained at the Sun Lakes Country Club Community Services office.

Annual fishing permit fee $5: SLHOA1 and guests; SLHOA2 residents only, no guests.

Daily fishing permit fee $1: SLHOA1 and guests; SLHOA2 residents only, no guests.

All lake fish management rules apply to conserve the fish population and help maintain their environment:

* Barbless hooks must be used at all times. Catch and release only on Lake 6.

* For the months of February, March, and April (spawning season), all fish caught must be returned to the lakes. By returning the fish to the lakes, our fish population will increase without a costly restocking program.

* Only one fishing rod per person. No rods are to be left unattended.

* No throw nets, minnow traps, seines, or other fish traps are allowed.

* No small fish may be caught for the purpose of being used for bait.

* Fishing is not permitted on golf course lakes during daylight hours. Golfers have the right-of-way. Fish at your own risk.

* Fishermen may not have their pets accompany them while fishing in the golf course lakes.

Limits are established and must be observed:

* Minimum size to remove catfish and bass from the lakes is 12 inches, crappie 10 inches. There is no size or bag limit for any other fish. The possession limit per day is a total of three bass, catfish, and crappie in any combination.

* Fishing for Amurs is strictly forbidden. Any that are caught accidentally must be returned to the lake. Amurs are a protected fish. Not only are they costly, they assist in helping keep our lakes clean.

* It is against state and federal law to move fish from one lake to another. These state and federal requirements are for the protection of the fish that are presently in the lakes.

The Anglers Club of Sun Lakes may provide volunteer wardens. Their function is to help enforce the above-published rules. Your cooperation is appreciated.