Yoga at Cottonwood

John Blair

I would personally like to thank everyone for supporting the Yoga Program at the new Cottonwood Fitness Center. Introduction to Yoga on Saturdays at 9 a.m. has been so successful, a Monday morning 9 a.m. class has been added. These packages ($20 for four weeks, $40 for eight weeks) can be purchased until Feb. 27.

Although only Cottonwood Palo Verde homeowners are allowed to use the gym equipment, all of the Sun Lakes Communities are welcome to attend the many Yoga classes provided by the Center.

Yoga is the practice of combining breath and movement to achieve better health and flexibility. Learn how to increase your range of motion while making the body stronger. We touch on energy centers, or chakras, and how they function in the endocrine system. Laughing and healing go well together while stretching through old and new injuries in a soft, slow-moving practice. So get off your “Yoga Buns” and join us.

“People who do Yoga don’t get bent out of shape.”