Yoga – Vinyasa style

Join us for Vinyasa yoga!

Join us for Vinyasa yoga!

Sheila Axtman

Wow, it’s already December. Lots of activities and food, parties and friends. Vinyasa yoga will give you an hour twice a week to breath, and move, re-center yourself, and forget for a few minutes everything on the to do list.

Every year on the last yoga day before Christmas I teach a class I call “Low and Slow X-mas Crazy.” It’s sort of the antidote for all the stress at that time of year. This year it will be Thursday, December 22. We will practice more on the ground then we usually do, and we will have a nice long Savasana, and the only Yoga Nidra (guided relaxation) of the year. But the rest of the month classes are as usual.

Vinyasa yoga is not suitable for students who have never done yoga before. However, if you are fit and healthy Tuesday’s class may be a good fit for you. Both Tuesdays and Thursdays I will offer modifications so everyone can benefit from their practice, and everyone can explore their limits.

However, Tuesday’s classes will be less challenging than Thursday’s. We will move slower and I will offer more modifications. Thursday’s classes may move a bit faster and more challenging variations may be offered.

The yoga group is friendly and fun (see photo). Please join us.

Class schedule: Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10:00 a.m. in Room A-6 at Cottonwood; class fee: $5

I have some blankets, blocks, and straps available in the room for students to use.

Bring your mat.

I am a registered yoga teacher. I live in Cottonwood Palo Verde.

I can be reached at 480-264-9951.

Sheila Axtman RYT200 Yoga Alliance Registered