Yoga – Vinyasa style

Sheila Axtman

What is vinyasa yoga? Vinyasa yoga is a dynamic style of practice, breathing as we move through various poses that are linked together by a series of poses known as Sun Salutations. These classes can be challenging, but I offer variations so everyone can practice at their own level. After all, at our ages, our bodies have some history. Connecting movement and breath improves not only our bodies, but also improves concentration.

These classes are not suitable for people who have not practiced yoga before. However, if you are fit and healthy, Tuesday’s class may be a good fit for you. Tuesday’s class is less challenging than Thursday’s. We move slower and hold the poses longer.

The yoga group is fun and welcoming. We invite you to join us to breathe, move, stretch and relax. Classes are Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10:00 a.m. in Room A-6 in Cottonwood. The cost is $5.00 a class.

Bring your mat. There are a few you can borrow in the room. There are also some straps, blocks and blankets you can use.

I am a registered yoga teacher. I live in Cottonwood/Palo Verde, and I can be reached at 480-264-9951.

P.S.: Look for the “Yoga for Men” article in this paper. I will also be teaching Golfers Yoga (open to everyone) starting in January. Sign up in the Cottonwood Pro Shop.