2022 Palo Verde Road Management Update

Mark Brauer, President

Palo Verde Road Management “Association” (PVRM) is a tax-exempt Arizona corporation that is independent and separate from the Cottonwood Palo Verde Homeowners Association. The nine-member board is made up of Palo Verde homeowners and is responsible for the operation and maintenance of approximately 11.2 miles of private roadway and associated drainage systems serving the 1,073 Palo Verde homeowners. The board members are all non-paid volunteers. All revenue from fees or assessments goes to only the actual cost of operation and maintenance of our private Palo Verde roadways and associated drainage systems.

Palo Verde Road Management, Inc., remains financially sound. In 2022, there was no increase to the $175 per household annual Road Fee. The annual fee was billed as a pass-through charge in your annual homeowners dues billing in January of each year by Cottonwood Palo Verde Homeowners Association.

2022 Proposed Annual Repair and Replacement Program is underway. In December 2021, the board received five bids from qualified contractors. It was determined low, and the responsible bidder was Swaine Asphalt Company. It is estimated the total cost of the work proposed to be approximately $136,400, which includes a 10% contingency. It is anticipated work will be performed in early April 2022, weather permitting. All Palo Verde homeowners will be notified by mail in advance, in which the work and estimated completion dates as well as a colored map of affected streets is included.

On Friday, Jan. 21, the board held its annual meeting in the Cottonwood complex at 3 p.m. Several Palo Verde homeowners attended. They brought forward several concerns for the board’s future consideration. Those comments included: traffic calming measures to reduce speeding on main streets, phased improvement/replacement of street name and traffic signage, as well as the consideration of an additional public comment meeting per year. Finally, the homeowners suggested that the annual fees be raised to assure the board keeps up with construction price increases and can adequately keep pace with maintenance and replacement of the 11.2 miles of roadway.

If you are a Palo Verde homeowner who has questions or concerns or might be interested in learning more about being on this board, please contact Mark Brauer, President, PVRM, Inc., at 515-669-3381.